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Saturday, 26 October 2013

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Natural Fibres Export


                                   Manufacturing with more than 30 categories products, Exporting in more than 10 countries; Natural Fibres Export completed its 10 years as a manufacturer and exporter of Home Furnishings products. Cushion Cover, Rugs, Carpets, Pouf, Pouf Bench, Jute Bench, Footstool, Ottomans, Wooden Chair, Sofa and more are manufacture & export by Natural Fibres Export.

Home Decor Products :

                                             People are very concern about their Interior now a days. Home Decor products are very important part of our daily life. Cushion cover for sleep, Sofa & Chair for sit, Seat Pads for dining furniture, Pouf for relax, Rugs and Carpets for looking; like that their are many more categories products which help to make your home decor.

But its a competitive world of Interior designing, everyone want to look different from others, So, they choose theme base interior, Kilim Furnishings, Color theme, antique, Village, Vintage & more type interior designing ideas.

Natural Fibres Export dedicated since 2003 to fulfill your dream design which help to decor your home. We manufacture and export Home Furnishings products in different pattern and design like Kilim, Suzani, Chindi, Sindhi, Reyon Chenille, Senile, Shaggy & more. Our Furniture like Chairs, Sofa, Benches, Footstool, Stool etc Upholstered by these pattern fabric.

Pillow are best pick for your home. Enhance the appeal of your home decor with the help of this cushion cover.

#Couch, Upholstered Maharaja sofa by Natural Fibres Export. This traditional sofa base on Kilim Design. Natural Fibres Export manufacture and export wide range of Upholstered sofa & Chairs with various patterns and designs. 

Knitted Pouf, this soft #ottoman Pouf is made by comfortable cotton fabric to give you wonderful place to rest your feet at the end of a long day.

Cotton Pouf, Wool Jute Pouf, Jute Pouf, Alphabet pouf, Kilim poufs & more various categories are manufacture and export by Natural Fibres Export

Home Decor without Accessories is like glass with out water. Natural Fibres Export manufacturing quality accessories products in different pattern and design with many categories.

These are our some products which help to understand what a role of Home Decor Product in any interior.