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Monday, 21 October 2013

Natural Fibres Export: 10 years Celebration

Natural Fibres Export
Natural Fibres Export manufacturer and exporter of home furnishings products; Cushion covers, Rugs & Carpets, Poufs, Pouf Bench, Jute Bench, Kilim Furnishing, Mattress, Gift handicrafts, Wooden Chairs, Sofa and many more.

                 Natural Fibres Export successfully completed its 10 years as a leading manufacturer and exporter of home furnishings products. 

Life @ NFE

Story Behind:

Natural Fibres Export in its starting days; production of our objects is crafted by very skilled people, especially by the people at their home in village.

Every day they spare their time to weave, dye and finish the fabric for their earnings. These items are transformed in to products and are sold in the cities, which generates a percent of the price that is returned for the craft people.

Our company provides the material need to fulfill the realization of the fabrics. Finally we pay them for their valuable knowledge and the ready fabrics are collected. Finally, we develop design products that fit perfectly to the needs of the current world, creating an effect in the industry while the ancient knowledge are been keeping alive and renovated.

As time passes Natural Fibres Export increase its production. That was the time when Natural Fibres Export add Furniture manufacturing department. Upholstered Furniture changed the market value of Natural Fibres Export, Its quality and finishing attracts Customers. So we took step, furniture upholstered by our quality Rugs as we hope customer like these changes.

At Present:

We are dealing with various customers in major countries like USA, UK, China, Brazil, Russia, Germany, Singapore etc.

In 10 years (2003-2013) as a manufacturer and exporter, Natural Fibres Export never lose their hope in it’s Up and downs. With skilled and hardworking work of people; Natural Fibres Export completed its 10 years. Now we are a leading manufacturer and exporter of home furnishings products. We are manufacturing more than 30 categories products in our manufacture department.

On this we would like to thank all the people who contribute in our success.