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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Interior Design Ideas: Cushion Covers Decoration Ideas

Cushion Cover Decorating Ideas  

Cushions are probably the easiest way to add color, pattern and texture to a room. Cushions are certainly less expensive than curtains and rugs, making it easy to change them frequently to match the season. Cushions create a feeling of luxury and sophistication in home decorations.  Cushion covers refresh atmosphere in living room and enhance decoration of home.

Natural Fibres Export  have wide range of designer and stunning cushion covers. Cushions available at natural fibres export are come in various sizes and shapes. Depending on uses of cushions, the small size can be added as an accent to the other cushions. The bigger sized cushions can be the backrest for a wide settee or use as a floor cushion. They also come in many shapes, from square to round. They design kilim cushion cover, suzani cushion cover, wool jute cushion cover, rayon chenille cushion cover, chindi cushion cover, shaggy cushion covers in many shape and sizes.

Shaggy Cushion Covers: Shaggy Cushion cover made of long pile which has a shaggy appearance. They are usually manufactured by making loops out of material and then shearing the excess. Shaggy cushion create a lush, soft, fluffy look. Shaggy cushions come in different sizes, also available in uniquely cut shapes and wild combinations of colors. This type of cushion provides a modern touch to your sofa or bed.  

Kilim Cushion Covers: The kilim is the traditional design pattern which is use from ancient time. Kilim cushion covers seem to be enormous and greatly improve the looks of a room. Kilim cushions cover used in contemporary, traditional, or vintage home decoration. In natural furnish antique kilim cushions covers, made from old tribal kilim rugs, which are soft and warm any room.
Suzani Cushion Cover: Suzani fabric is recognized as one of the most popular and time honored elements known to fashion world. Modern home decorators are now use this suzani pillow covers to add special charm in their house decoration theme. Suzani cushion cover of natural furnish are durable and stylish, they will brighten up your room.

Wool Jute Cushion Covers: These cushion cover are made from maximum amount of wool and minimum amount of jute. Wool and jute are woven together and made a soft and traditional fabric. This wool jute cushion cover are comes in different type of colors and texture. 

Rayon chenille cushion covers: Rayon chenille cushion cover made from tiny piles of fabric is wrapped around a core of yarn which gives it such softness. Rayon chenille is 100% rayon made in this unique way. Rayon chenille cushion cover is shiny and beautiful article for home decoration.

Chindi Cushion Covers: Chindi pillow cushion covers are beautiful ethnic and traditional. The beautiful striped designs of the chindi material are made by combining scraps of many different types of fabric. Radiant patterns in vibrant color and texture make for a perfect combination. These cushion covers are available in range of colors and add a pop of colors to any room.

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Naturalfibres export is manufacturer and exporter of handmade cushion cover which is helping you in your interior designing and small budget home décor ideas. You can do online shopping of designer, modern and traditional cushion cover from natural fibres export.