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Monday, 13 October 2014

Victorian Interior Design Ideas by Natural Furnish

Interior Design Ideas: Natural Furnish

Victorian decorating is one of the most popular decorating styles. Victorian interior design represent the era of eclecticism, ornamentation and excess makes for some intriguing discoveries. Victorian interiors feature beautiful colors, lots of ornate details, and skilled fakery to make the home a welcoming and beautiful place. Victorian-style decorating appears to have been exclusive to the wealthy, with lavish textiles and exotic furnishings. 

Color, Floor, Fabric, Furniture, accessories in Victorian interior decoration: 

Color: In Victorian interior decoration Color schemes is dark and intense. Victorian interior design should have rich dark colors of burgundy, plum, ruby, emerald, forest greens and navy will work well. You can tone in gold to give your look that edge of indulgence. Color should be 'muted', 'toned-down' or old-fashioned look instead. Wallpaper designs of the day featured large patterns of flowers, birds or feathers. Colors were often grayed by adding the complementary or opposite color.

Flooring:  Floors in Victorian homes were made of hardwood and were covered with Oriental rugs or large pattern area rugs. Wood was the common flooring across most of the social spectrum of the Victorian era. To add warmth to a hard-floored room, Victorians covered their floors with detailed rugs. Several smaller or midsized rugs might have filled a room. One larger rug spanning from wall to wall anchored a room, added color throughout, and created the experience of modern-day wall-to-wall carpet.

Fabric: Heavily patterned fabric was prominent in a Victorian home. Ideal fabrics for curtains, or upholstery, are very opulent fabrics - velvet, damask, brocade, and heavily embroidered fabrics. Pillows and upholstered furniture were often trimmed with braid and tassels.

Furniture: Furniture of the Victorian era was large in scale and ornamentation was seen in carved scrolls, leaves flowers and grapes. Woods were oak, mahogany, rosewood and black walnut. Victorian furnishings were commonly heavy and intricately carved dark wood. Choose an antique sofa and chairs for a living room space, perhaps even a chaise, often called a fainting couch. 

Accessories: Victorian rooms usually contained potted ferns or palms, ornate silver photograph frames and decorative items made of ivory, tortoiseshell or glass. Tiffany lamps from that period look amazing and would add a splash of color into your room. Frame your pictures in large, decorative frames, with a touch of gilt, to get that really authentic look. Old-fashioned paintings or prints like oil paintings, and paintings of pretty, young maidens, or sweet, innocent children and puppies are used in Victorian home decor.